Mixed Media

Below is a representative sample of works in various mediums.

Mixed media peice in reds and ocres with marks from nature called Impressions of Nature
Impressions of Nature 90x60x3.5cm $300
Vietnam - drawing
Depths of Dispair
Path to concentration camp
Night Garden 30x40x3.75cm $75 Sold
Blooming Night Garden 20x20cm $35 Sold
Sublime 15x15cm $25 Sold
Blooming Night Garden gold 20x20cm $35 Sold
In Season 15x15cm $25
Snow Fall 15x15cm $25
Mustard Night Garden 20x20cm $35
Snow Lupins 23.5x17.5x1.5cm $35
Cracked Unvierse 20x20cm $25 Sold
Blooming Night Garden gold 30x30cm $35 Sold
15x10x1.5cm $20 each or set $50
Kuranda Madness 23.5x17.5cm Sold
$25 Sold